Industry Involvement, Affiliations & Strategic Partnerships

Is your company looking for ways to broaden it’s existing product or service offerings through co-op advertising? Perhaps you are looking at services around local brand marketing with local independent businesses as a way to expand your audience? Recas is always looking to align itself with other companies that can help strengthen the bonds of co-op advertising and ensure strong results in serving our clients and their local business partners.

Through a variety of methods, from Database API integration through to staffed solutions for lead generation, ad approval process, and claim development, Recas can power solid foundations in branded advertising development. Dedicating itself to helping grow your clients’ successes has long been the hallmark of growing ours. So, if you think your company could benefit from a solid strategic partnership with the leading co-op advertising information source, please contact us today to set up a no-obligation consultation.

Brief Product Timeline

  • 1945

    MultiAd Services, Inc. founded.

  • 1946

    Multi-Use Ad Service (AKA AdBuilder Services).

  • 1965

    The first manufacturer AdPlanner created.

  • 1968

    Kwikee database introduced.

  • 1980

    Creator Professional layout software built & launched.

  • 1982

    Recas Co-op database introduced.

  • 1998 introduced.

  • 2000

    Moved all co-op and artwork to online distribution.

  • 2010

    Recas web application developed and rolled out to subscribers.

  • 2011

    Introduced mobile version of Recas database.

  • 2013

    All subscription art content moved from AdBuilder to Creative Outlet.

  • 2014 launched to replace AdBuilder for housing co-op plans, ad material warehouse and Recas training materials.

  • 2015

    The Ad-Builder division is broken off from MultiAd and continues on as it’s own company. Ad-Builder brings you the core products – Recas, Creative Outlet & Local Prices.

  • 2016

    Ad-Builder is acquired by Local Search Association (LSA). Recas and Creative Outlet remain driving brands under LSA.

  • 2017

    Creative Outlet sold to Metro Creative Graphics. Recas remains a driving brand under LSA.

    Recas Team

    With over 100 years of combined co-op experience, our Recas team is ready and able to help!

    Tim Brennan

    Tim Brennan - Business Development Manager

    Tim brings 20+ years of success in brand sales promotion through co-op advertising and market development support. His penchant for tapping in to the manufacturer-media-retailer sales triangle of retail marketing ultimately expands sales for the local media, through the brand and to the dealer’s cash register.

    Phil Harris

    Phil Harris - Business Development Manager

    Phil has been with Recas for approximately 21 years, in various sales and support roles for our co-op and art services. Prior to Recas, he worked in ad sales for a radio station and a newspaper. Building off those experiences, Phil enjoys the satisfaction that comes from helping clients find and place co-op dollars, either through on-the-ground sales calls or other on-site sales team training.

    Vicky Fiandt

    Vicky Fiandt - Account Manager

    With 18 years of experience as co-op manager & department developer for two independent publications, and an ardent user/supporter of the Recas product, Recas welcomed Vicky to the support team in 2013 with open arms. She attributes much of her success as a co-op manager to having utilized Recas and its support team. Her hands-on experience of using Recas and knowing how it can directly impact publications provides invaluable insight to our users.

    Alanda Hunt

    Alanda Hunt - Account Manager

    Alanda Hunt joined the Recas team as an Account Specialist in October 2010 with more than 20 years of customer service experience. She spends the majority of her time on the phone with customers, checking in, training them to utilize Recas, and making sure they understand all aspects of Co-op advertising.

    ryan stevenson

    Ryan Stevenson - Product Development Manager

    Over 17 years on the Recas team (and 13 as the product manager) have made Ryan the driving force behind the improvements to Recas, and ultimately maintaining the Recas brand as the industry leader in the marketplace. Ryan steers the product team, works closely with the sales and support teams, and is directly involved with media partners and clients to provide the best solutions to increase advertising revenue.

    Brenda Mathews

    Brenda Mathews - Co-op Promotions & Research Specialist

    Her 20+ years of experience in co-op research, database management and now promotions, makes Brenda an invaluable asset to the team. Specifically, the promotions service that Brenda focuses on provides clients with timely co-op advertising opportunities via manufacturer's current promotions, product targets and co-op plans for ad proposals.

    Calvin Kramer

    Calvin Kramer - Co-op Special Projects and Digital Content Coordinator

    A recent Bradley graduate and the newest addition to the team, Calvin works with the research team in managing Recas database updates, in addition to co-op lead management. He also specializes in online template design for vendor related special projects. He also currently edits all promotional material and manages the content in Ad Material Warehouse.

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